Ode to the soulful

Image: Jordan Ladikos

It’s interesting, people who’ve worked on themselves — who’ve done soul-work and have taken self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and their spiritual/philosophical development seriously — carry a certain aura to them that draws people in.

Not that these people are special, by any means. They’ve merely managed to emit a certain frequency and feeling-tone that we all have access to.

When you come face to face with one of these people, you feel like your inner signal has instantaneously been tuned in to the perfect channel.

People who believe — truly believe — that they’re enough remind others that they’re also inherently whole.

A huge underlying fear within most of us is that we’re not safe. These people make us see how false this belief really is. In their eyes, we see a perfectly defenseless person who needs no defenses because they rest in the fact that who they really are is, always has been, and forever will be, indestructible. And when we see that in them, we notice it in ourselves.

When you’re running at this frequency, you’ll never run short of friends, clients, employees, or stray animals.

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