Which way to turn?

Image: Sean Stratton

You know those points in life where something brings you to a screeching halt and you realize that you must change direction? It doesn’t even have to be a crisis. It could be (and usually is) just something that you’ve woken up today and are seeing in an entirely different way.

The thrill is gone. Yesterday, what you were doing seemed like ‘the thing’. Yet today, right here, right now, it seems like a dead end.

Something else calls to you. Something more shiny and bright and appealing.

You’ve been up and down this road many times before. Is this truth? Do we follow it? Or do we stay the course? Will we get over it? Or will we keep ramming that wall?

This happens to me a lot. Although I find myself sticking to the same two or three things, choosing one is quite a bugger.

Just another pre-midlife crisis, I suppose.

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