Aiming it in the right direction

Image: Pawel Kadysz

Right at this very moment, you can send your thought to any place in time. You can send it towards any situation and look at it from any angle.

Thought, in and of itself, is unlimited. Our mind is inherently free.

So why don’t we allow it to free our experience? Why, instead, do we limit it and use its infinite power against our greater good? Why not let it create the life we desire?

The problem is, limitations are too easy to establish.

Every time we think about not being able to do something, we throw up a wall to its future accomplishment.

Every time we make up an alibi for things we’ve fallen short in achieving, we set that alibi in concrete and it becomes the blockade to our future experience.

Every time we justify our failures, we set up barriers that keep us from our future good.

Take a look at how much time we prop up and maintain limitations rather than knocking them down, dismantling them, and going forth freely and unrestricted.

When we take a harsh look at our mental activity, we see that we’ve been using the limitless potential of thought to carelessly impose limitation after limitation in every aspect of our lives.

We spend so much time justifying what we can’t have that we leave ourselves no time or mental space for the good things we could have.

Perhaps it’s time to take an inventory of our thoughts and point them in the opposite direction than what we’ve been directing it towards. Take that sucker and point it in the right direction. See what happens then.

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