Attempts: Taking a crack at ourselves

Photo: Luís Perdigão

Try something at the end of your day... Open up a text doc on whatever device you have at hand or grab a piece of paper and a pen.

Then, reflect on your day and take account of yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up. Just objectively see yourself moving throughout your day.

Take note of the bruises and bumps you may have encountered. Perhaps someone said something that made you embarrassed or angry. Or you said something or acted in a way that compromised your better judgement or values.

Maybe you lost your head and cussed out the kid in the drive-through window. Maybe he cussed you out and it made you feel small.

How could you have acted differently? What did you do right?

Maybe you resolved the conflict, got out and gave him a hug — inspiring each driver in line behind you to get out of their car and applaud your embrace as the display of love never before seen in a fast food drive-through.

Philosophers of old called this ‘making attempts’ at life — something we hardly ever do anymore. Sure, we stress out and obsess over things. We let our emotions run rampant and endlessly blame ourselves in our heads for x, y, and z.

Or we suppress and tune out.

But this meditation asks us to take a look at ourselves from an outside light. How have we acted out of sync with our real selves — not to become someone else, but to step into the shoes of the self we know we really are?

It might be interesting what comes up.

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