The encroaching flames of uncertainty

Image: Alex Holt

If I could make anything happen with the snap of my fingers, I’d snap away, all day long.

Sushi — snap!
More money — snap!
A personal chef — snap!
Full taco bar — snap!
(Weird how most of these are food-related. Guess I’m hungry.)

The religious person is trying to get in good with God to gain some kind of certainty in her life/afterlife. The atheist is proclaiming there is no God to give him what he wants and that he’s fine going it alone. Two philosophically opposing belief systems vying for the same thing — to cope with the unknown.

I don’t care if you pray/affirm/doubt your face off. There’s a ton in life that we can’t control. And there’s a lot that we don’t know. Always will be.

This feeling of uncertainty — it can feel like we’re standing in the middle of a big ring of fire just hoping there won’t be a draft that blows the flames in our direction. Like there’s something just outside our reach, slowly encroaching on us at all times.

We’ve probably been burned before. And even during those times where the inferno has subsided, we know it can quickly return.

It’s an ominous feeling. It can make us do crazy things.

How do you deal with the vastness of what you don’t know and cannot control?

Do you know this unsure feeling? Does it make you nervous? Do you tell yourself stories of how you can become immune to the flames? Do you live in a constant state of terror — feeling the flames touch your skin even when they’re miles away? Do you cover your eyes, lay down, and curl up in the fetal position trying to fall asleep with the thought that they won’t burn you if you’re not conscious of them?

Or do you stand there fully awake, fully alive, and fully aware of the flames — knowing that just because they’re there doesn’t mean you can’t escape them and just because they’re absent doesn’t mean they won’t be back.

If you get burned, will you perish, or will you let the fires of life forge you into your purest element?

Or will you roast marshmallows?

Just wondering…

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