Yuletide cheer, many thanks, and your honest thoughts, please

Your Higher Thoughts letter for December

PhotoCredit: Andrew Neel

Wow. We’re already scarf-deep into another holiday season. During this time of year, I love looking back and reflecting on the year which will flip yet another digit in a few weeks.

2015 has been a whirlwind, as I’m sure you can relate. I started this here little daily publication purely for my own enjoyment and to blast through a creative block I was facing. 6 months later, I look at the numbers and see there’s almost 10,000 (9,800 right now — to be exact) of you out there reading my daily meditations and essays.

I’m blown away. A year ago today, I was a copywriter who was burned out to the core. I’ve since largely left that line of work to focus in on my efforts here since, it seems, this is where I make the biggest dent in the ether.

Which brings me to this…

Since May 15th, I’ve written 204 Medium articles. That’s one a day. I’ve covered a fairly wide range of topics. From the craft of writing/creativity, to blogging, to metaphysics/spirituality, to short personal stories, life’s lessons, and more. That said, I feel it’s a good time to check the pulse with you — my reader.

So, if you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes out of your busy day, I’d love it if you’d…

…answer a few questions (5 in total) here.

After all, even though, I must admit, I write first for myself, if it wasn’t for you and your love, I’d be yelling into a digital abyss. And that would really suck. So thank you. Your feedback means the world to me. You’ve made my year. And I love you. No, seriously. Like the want-to-make-out-with-you kind of love you. But if I made out with all 10,000 of you, I’d probably get really chapped lips. And I couldn’t have that. So I’ll just leave it with this little holiday love letter here.

Depending on the response I get from you, there may be some changes coming up in the new year for this publication. All good, don’t worry.

I’ll keep you posted.

Until tomorrow,

P.S. It’s not too late to get your Commissioned Piece — a great gift for the holidays (I have enough time in my schedule for a handful more). Ho, ho, ho.