It’s all right here

Pete Nowicki

We’ve been sold the story that we should be living the life of someone else.

Our life should be more like theirs — the ones they show us in their advertisements, military brochures, Instagram feeds, classrooms, religious establishments and YouTube channels. We should be living the life of some rap star, famous author, thought leader or guru. That our boring lives are worthless until we reach their version of greatness.

Always out there, always out there, always out there. While right here withers away and dies.

It’s easy to lose our internal compass in a world that constantly tries to pull us away from ourselves.

I think it’s time to focus back in and see the value of our own life — no matter how arduous or mundane it might seem.

This is it. And it’s all we need. We are enough. It’s all right here in front of us. We need to stop running in the hamster wheel trying to chase someone else’s contrived reality and put our feet firmly down in our own.

If we keep trying to live the life of someone else, we’ll never live ours. But if we gain intimacy with our very own life, there’s no telling what magic we might find sitting there waiting for us.

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