Spiritual elitism


I’ve been seeing a lot of, what I call, spiritual elitism lately, and I want to put forth my two cents, for what it’s worth…

I’m not interested in any kind of fluffy, obscure, banal, ungraspable ‘spirituality’.

I have no interest in achieving some ephemeral state of having zero desires, emotions, or pleasures.

I don’t feel the need to rid myself of all my belongings and set up shop on a mountainside in silence and meditation in order to reach some vague, cryptic state of enlightenment.

This sounds like death to me.
Right now, I’m kinda busy being human.

Can we lay the spiritual mumbo jumbo down for a bit and talk about how we can live better human lives while we have them?

Some say we shouldn’t have goals. They claim that having goals or desires isn’t ‘spiritual’.

Well, sounds like THEIR GOAL is to not have goals.

Others say that having perceptions is delusional. That the only worthwhile quest is the quest for ‘truth’ (whatever the f*k that means…).

Well, that, in itself, sounds like A PERCEPTION. Does it not?

Humanity is the experience we’ve found ourselves in. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse is up to each one of us, individually. Apparently these spiritual elitists don’t value how incredible or short our time here is.

They’re grasping at smoke. Their elitist ‘spirituality’ is depriving them of enjoying and making good use of their uniquely human superpowers that they try so hard to cast away, like emotions, goals, and perceptions. The way I see it, as long as we’re encased in these bags of skin, we won’t be without them, no matter how hard we try.

Soon enough, we’ll be dead. And these elements will be gone. Maybe then, they can finally live this brand of spirituality they tout.

Here’s where I’m coming from…

I want to live better.

If your ‘spirituality’ does this, bring it on.

But if it doesn’t, you can keep it. If it only mystifies me, confuses me, and leaves me feeling like a lesser being, I guess you’ve achieved your goal. You’ve placed yourself atop some lofty ‘spiritual’ pedestal and are clearly the more spiritual between the two of us. Congratulations.

I see the highest spiritual act as that of being human. And being damn good at it.

I want to get the most out of this life, right here, while I can. I want to feel the pain that only the human experience can bring. And I want to feel the absolute elation that lies on the flip side of that coin.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Yes. A human experience. Soon, it will be gone. And we’ll return to the stardust from which we came.

But for now, maybe we can try to see humanity for the sacred event that it is.

Maybe we can celebrate it while we can.

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