Spending it wisely


Experts say that we only use a small amount of consciousness that we have the potential to use at any given moment. Because of this, our consciousness can only take in so many bits of information at a time.

For example, when we talk to one person, we’re usually fine. We can understand their words as well as take in other subtleties like their body language and their tone. We can even space out a bit and think about that one episode of South Park while still keeping track of the conversation.

But throw in another person talking at the same time, and we have to start economizing. South Park has to be pondered at some other time.

Throw in a third or fourth person — again, all talking at the same time — and we can barely comprehend the words.

We seem to have a certain moment-to-moment limited conscious allowance. This translates into a daily conscious allowance, a lifetime conscious allowance, etc.

We have a certain daily ‘budget’ for what we focus our attention on and let into our consciousness. How we spend that allowance determines our human experience.

And even with the meager amount of consciousness that we allow ourselves access to, a big chunk of that is focused on survival-based stuff like eating, sleeping, staying alive while driving a car, etc. Add to that the basic necessities of life — grooming, sex, getting dressed, grocery shopping, working at our jobs, small talk while we’re there, daydreaming, etc. Throw in our simple pleasures like leisure, reading a book, etc. and by the end of the day, we’re broke.

Unless we’re doing the things that help us expand our consciousness, when we wake up the next day, we’re stuck with the same meager mental budget. After the majority of our day is over, most westerners blow what’s left of their allowance on stupid shit (pardon my layman’s terms) when they should be spending it wisely and/or investing back into it.

What if you realized you could go broke in consciousness? Would you take charge of what you’re spending your precious attention on and spare it more wisely? Would you invest it in the stuff that replenishes it, that invigorates it, and that makes your conscious bank balance expand?

Or would you squander it on worrying? Would you try to numb it with whatever you use to numb it with? Would you buy into the fears and meaningless bullshit that the media feeds us every day in the news? That attention you’re spending with them adds up to real dollars and cents in their coffers — in a very literal way.

Investing money is nice. But investing what little attention we have now to expand our consciousness so as to add to our mental/emotional bank account will pay off hugely down the road.

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