Maybe we should stop trying to be so damn happy

Sometimes, being ‘happy’ just doesn’t make sense. I’d say that most of the time, I’m happy. Sometimes I’m not so happy — maybe a degree or two short of it — but I can consciously get to that happy place. (I’m getting better at this. It’s always nice when I can do it.)

But there are times when I’m just not happy. Maybe I happen to be in the middle of a flying shitstorm that can happen in life and being happy would be too big of an emotional jump from being outraged.

Or how about those other times when nothing much is going on? When I’m just moving about my day doing mundane tasks? Should I have a huge smile on my face the whole time? Should I prance around in utter elation 24/7?

Happy? Nah. Not right now.

How about this?…

Try being comfortable.

Something I’ve been working on lately is to just get comfortable in the moment.

This is a great thing to be able to do. To surrender to the present situation and sit with life for a bit. To surf that huge wave or to just hang out and enjoy the sun on a flat day — whatever conditions you’re amidst, just be present to it.

To just take a moment of reprieve in the middle of the day, look around us, breathe in whatever air we can, feel our extremities, and just… be… comfortable.

Sink in. Settle. Be present. Get our posture situated, relax our shoulders, and shake hands with the movement our life has taken.

Even if we’re angry. Even if we’re taking a stand or have placed ourselves in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. Even if we’re just, kinda… hanging out.

Try at least starting with comfortable.

Maybe comfortable is a good enough step.

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