Want to save the world? Smile more.


You know those days when the synchronicity of events lines up perfectly? When the universe is apparently trying to get something through your thick skull?

Like, obviously, you’ve not been getting the hint, so the universe isn’t even going to be all subtle and esoteric like it usually is. It’s just going to be like, “Hey, idiot, look. THIS is what you’ve been wanting to see. Why do you make me do this? You’re supposed to GET it without making me work this hard.”

Well, that happened to me yesterday. Check out this quote I read from Ernest Holmes:

You need not try to change the world. Let it alone; all people are doing the best they can. No one needs to be saved but yourself, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will attain. Get over that ‘holier than thou’ attitude. It is an illusion that many people suffer from, especially in the religious world. The world is all right; it is not going to hell; it is on the way to Heaven.

Later in the day, I was listening to an old song from Newton Faulkner called People Should Smile More. Here’s the chorus (and here’s the song for your listening pleasure):

I can’t change the world
’Cause trying to make a difference
Makes it worse
It’s just an observation
I can’t ignore
That people should smile more

I fully agree on both accounts. Both Ernest and Newton are right. My best posts are posts where I’m writing, not to try to save the world, but to bring a smile to my own face, with the hopes that it’s contagious enough for you to smile as well.

If we all just did what made us smile, we’d inherently help each other without even trying. Without forcing it down people’s throats (which never works and only leaves you feeling scummy).

It’s when we try to save each other that we make each other’s limitations real. This is why people can’t stand the ‘holier than thou’ vibe.

If you want to save the world, just do what makes you smile more.

I was happy to get the memo from the universe to just do what makes me smile. Like this post right here. Sharing my epiphany with you. Not trying to have some kind of massive impact on your life. Because I know you’re fine. And in this moment, I’m fine too.

In this lightness, we can smile together. Knowing we’re both okay.

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