Think, become, repeat

That’s pretty much the lifecycle...

Think, become, repeat.

Life is a continuous succession of these three steps whether we’re cognizant of it or not.

The human experience is a constant state of becoming.

Question is, are we becoming who we really are or who we are not?

Yes, we can do either.

Kind of weird that we can become who we are not, isn’t it?

But if it weren’t for the ability to step into the perspective of who we are not, we’d never be able to see, or become, who we really are.

It takes mental lean-forwardness to move up. To become the next version of our higher selves.

I don’t want to say it’s a struggle. ‘Struggle’ is the wrong word.

But it takes engaging in life. This is what the mind/spirit/body connection is designed for.

Kind of like an engine in a car. It’s designed to go fast.

Just as nothing wears an engine out faster than stop-and-go traffic and piddling around town — nothing wears out our soul faster than mediocrity.

So just… become. Become greater.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the lesser modalities of life. We kick the dog (calm down, PETA, I don’t even HAVE a dog), yell at our kid (okay, I MAY have done this once or twice), or drink Mountain Dew (I can’t help it sometimes, OKAY?!).

It’s so easy to stay there in those lower vibrational levels. It’s not satisfying at all, really. It’s just… Comfortable. Like idling. Just hanging out.

But that fine supersonic engine that is our Soul wants to redline it, baby.

Until we think from the lofty heights of our higher selves and become that, we’ll just stay stuck in traffic.

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