Why is love so easy to hate?


What’s our big aversion to love? Why are we so scared of it? Why do we see it as such a weakness?

Let’s not sugar coat it….

Why do we hate love so much?

Our ego hates love because love is bigger than us.

Fear is easy. Our ego mind can grasp it.

Putting up defenses makes sense. Being the toughest one in the room is just good strategy. Not trusting ourselves or anyone else to do the right thing is smart.

Fear is ours. It’s a concoction of our small selves and our inner child. The part of us that feels like it lives on an island. Apart from everyone else. Separate from our higher good.

We feel special when we roll around in the muck, throw up barricades, and flex our muscles.

It’s our own private world where we try to control our own perception.

But Love, on the other hand… Love flies in the face of all of this.

Love is almost never convenient. It never goes well with our plans and schemes. It most often seems so… Stupid. So pointless.

How can I love when people are inherently so bad?

Living a loving life seems like learning some far-off alien language. Like some obscure dialect of Martian. Or Clingon.

When we get to the root of it, love is downright terrifying.

Cold-blooded murder sounds more appeasing and practical to our ego than opening our arms to life in a state of defenseless love.

That’s because love isn’t our idea. It’s a concept that belongs to that Power — that Creative Force — that’s greater than us.

When we live from a place of Love — when we have full faith in it — we throw out the rules of the ego and bend time and space.

We heal our world even when our fear-based mind tells us it’s going to kill us.

Love belongs to a part of us that finds its power in defenselessness.

Tough to wrap the brain around that one, isn’t it? But part of you knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Love is a gift from the divine not made from our human frailties.

Love takes believing in our miraculousness.

Terrifying, isn’t it?

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