The creative power of self-definition

Ever notice that life seems to keep us at a certain level?

It could be a level of income, a level of fulfillment in relationships, a level of health — or all of the above.

But there seems to be a glass ceiling that we keep bumping our heads on when we reach a certain level of good.

It’s easy to look out there when this happens. It’s easy to feel that the world has it out for us.

But, as with most things of this nature, it has nothing to do with the world out there.

We must look no further than in our own consciousness for the root of the matter.

Quick question…

What definition of yourself have you been living?

Not hoping.
Or wishing.
Or even believing.
But living.

Now, look at your situation. Amazing how it matches right up, isn’t it?

This is the power of consistency.

It all begins with your self-definition. Who have you defined yourself — proclaimed yourself — lived yourself — to be?

Have you latched on to the definition your dad assigned you when he told you to speak only when spoken to?

Or the one from that kid in school who pushed your face in the mud (or worse)?

How bout’ the one from your 4th grade teacher who called you ‘slow’ (or worse)?

Life is always consistent with the definition of ourselves that we hold to be true.

The worst culprit is us. Our self-talk. We’re brutal on ourselves.

But we expect life to show up for us in a different way. We think that we can get away with trashing ourselves and the universe is going to fly in the face of that and bring us the good stuff.

Not how it works.

The universe is always proving us right.

We must start with how we define ourselves. And we must realize that every moment is a new chance to re-define ourselves.

Once we do this, we allow consistency to fall into order.

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