Are you willing to become it?

We want world peace.
But we can’t create peace in our own homes.

We want the government to stay out of our lives.
But we support the wars.

We want more money.
But we rail against the greedy rich with our friends.

Oh, we humans are a confused bunch.

Why can’t we just get what we want?

“We cannot have anything that we are not willing to become in consciousness.”
-Michael Bernard Beckwith

Give me. What. I want. God/Politicians/Parents/Friends/Co-Workers/Spouse (insert your own word here).

Doesn’t work that way…

We must become it in consciousness first.

The taxes will never come down until we start taking care of ourselves and each other.

The wars will never stop until we stop the violence in our own lives.

And on. And on.

Maybe we should stop looking up in the sky, on the docket, and behind the butt of a rifle for our savior(s).

It’ll never happen out there until it happens in here.
Right where you stand as you read this.
Right here.

Just say when.

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