Make your way the right way

My friend’s awesome house in Germany

There is no single right way to do anything.

Even open-heart surgery.

Think you’re doing it the only right way?

You may be right. Until next year when they come out with the other right way to do it.

See all that advice online? 17 ways to do this and that?

Ignore them.

Get real on what you want to achieve and take that first step in the dark towards it.

I have a friend who just finished rebuilding/remodeling a gorgeous, sprawling brick home in a small village in Germany.

It was once the home of a priest (they used to live well back in the day).

This home was built in the 1800's and was a run-down skeleton of a structure when he bought it (that’s a photo of one of the rooms he’s yet to get his hands on to the left here <==). Took him five years to get it where it is now. He did most of it himself.

He had to put in all new plumbing, air conditioning, heat, electrical, drywall, and the whole nine yards.

But now, it’s probably the most amazing home I’ve ever stepped foot into. A true work of art.

(That’s a photo of it in the title image. Doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.)

He’s not a plumber or a contractor of any sorts. He has a bit of an electrical background, but nothing extensive.

I asked him, “How’d you do it? Did you YouTube everything or what?”

“Nope,” he said. “I just started on something and messed it up five times before I got it right.”

Absolute brilliance, right there.

Make your way the right way.

Here’s that hammer.

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