The Law of Opposites: Why life seems to have it out for you

Oh, good ole’ Murphy’s Law.

If it can go wrong, it will.

It’s uncanny how often the universe seems to foil our plans. Almost like it’s waiting for us to claim our intention before throwing the biggest pile of slime on our heads that it can.

Oh, you need to get to the DMV in 15 mins? Sweet, let me throw in this traffic jam. Hell, I’ll pour it on thick today. Here’s a flat tire. Muahahaha!

Thanks, Universe.


Well, what if I demonstrated to you (*removes laser pointer from pocket*) that Murphy’s Law is a flawed, short-sighted version of the Law of Opposites.

What’s the Law of Opposites, Jonas, you might be asking? Here it is…

The Law of Opposites: no sooner will you call something into your reality than its exact opposite will also appear — and always first.

Sounds messed up, right? Well, after reading this, you’ll see that it’s actually not.

See, our ego is a small, cranky character. Because it’s survival-based and fear-driven, it has constant tunnel vision, only seeing what’s in front of its face.

I need to get to the DMV before they close,” is all it sees (in this traffic example we’re using).

Well, our souls — our Higher Selves — don’t really care much about the small stuff. It could give two craps about the DMV and a stupid little traffic jam. It wants to BE. It wants only to experience itself in beingness.

Now, we all vary in what our soul wants to BE. Yours might want to be compassion while mine might want to be joy — and they differ moment to moment — but for the most part, I can safely say that all of these variations circle around the theme that the Soul wants to experience Life. (And more Life. And more, ad infinitum.)

It wants to shine its light into our reality. Sounds totally hippy dippy, but that’s how it seems to roll.

So, when you say you want to do something — like go to the DMV as quickly as possible — You (or, at least, the Higher part of You — your Soul) is sitting there eagerly awaiting another opportunity to shine its light.

So, what does the light need in order to express? That’s right, a dark room. If the room was already light, your light would have no way to express. It needs the context of the darkness.


In our example, the dark room is the traffic jam and the flat tire. This is the canvas laid before your Higher Self (by itself). Now, it can shine, baby! If it was an easy, smooth trip, it would get really, really bored.

How does it shine in this particular example? In infinite ways. Maybe it finds virtue in the experience (like punctuality — leaving earlier next time). Maybe a new song will pop up in the traffic jam that inspires you to write the next great American novel. Who knows?

Your ego is lazy. It just wants to survive, man. I mean, c’mon, does it always have to be so difficult?!

Yep. Pretty much. We weren’t born to sit back and coast through life (unfortunately). We were born to shine our light into as many dark rooms as we can. That ‘problem’ — that blank canvas, blank page, customer service issue, traffic jam, etc. — is terrifying to the ego, but to the Soul, it’s what it needs to do its thing.

Murphy’s Law is terrifying to the ego but exalting to the Soul.

The sooner we stop fighting this, the sooner we can be aware of what’s going on and live. Shine on, friend... Shine on.

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