How to harness the power of miracle-mindedness

That’d be a miracle.
Wow. What a miracle.
She’s a miracle-worker.

What story do you tell yourself about the word ‘miracle’?

Most of us see it as something unreachable. An act of God or of sheer luck.

We’ve hit the cosmic lottery. We’ve achieved… A miracle.


Sure, there are these types of ‘miracles’ when the little ball lands on our number in life’s roulette wheel. These are great — and we’ll take what we can get — but we’re not talking about these kinds of miracles today (although, if you can pull these puppies off on a regular basis, call me).

We’re talking about miracles we can count on. Miracles that we can create at a moment’s notice.

A miracle is merely a shift of thinking which, in turn, shifts our experience.

So, just how do we ‘shift’ our thinking so as to shift our experience?

We employ our x-ray vision (yep, we all have it) and look through our problems instead of at them.

Miracles rest at the far side of our problems.

When we see beyond appearances, we stack the odds of achieving a favorable outcome in our favor.

Miracle-mindedness requires us to be very aware of our reality so we can step outside of it and mold it to our liking. It’s creative alchemy.

Instead of seeing what’s happening, we see what could be happening and create the space for something new to come into our experience.

This is how we work miracles. Get a few of these under your belt and you’ll be unstoppable once your faith becomes firm in your ability to do this on-demand.

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