Taking full ownership of the space between your ears

Look at how much of our lives is consumed by trying to grab and own as much stuff as we possibly can.

When we do this, we reach. And when we reach, we get tired and easily lose our balance. We get out over our toes too much, catch an edge, and tumble down the proverbial icy mountain of our experience.

So much grasping. Straining. And nothing to grab onto.

It’s strenuous work with almost zero results. And whatever results are achieved through living this way are quick to go away once our grip loosens.

White-knuckling it through life is no way to live…

But we’ll continue doing this until we realize one thing…

We were born with full ownership over the only thing that matters… Our mind.

This world between our ears is infinite. It has a direct line to the creative wellspring that creates worlds.

Everything you and I will ever have will come to us as the result of the way we use our minds, the one thing we possess that makes us different from all other creatures.

-Earl Nightingale

If we claim FULL ownership of this space, we can live from a creative place, not merely from a place of gathering the scraps of what’s out there in the world that the next guy hasn’t grabbed yet.

This brain of ours and the infinite creative source that it’s connected to was given to us free of charge at birth. How awesome is that?

We’re most literally sitting on a gold mine while often settling for scrap metal.


Claiming our birthright of full mastery over the space between our ears is all we’ll ever need to create the world we wish — regardless of circumstances.

As you walk through your day today, reflect on this as often as you can. Bring your mind to the fact that you fully own and can consciously control everything that goes on in your consciousness.

The way we see the world and the actions we take are totally at the whim of our conscious, creative direction. When we’re awake to this, we can bend reality to serve our highest good.

Let’s not waste this incredible gift we have.

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