We who knocketh

I’m not a big Bible guy. Just don’t know a heck of a lot about it. However, I do know there’s a lot of wisdom in the scriptures. Of course, there’s also a lot of misinterpreted, ego-translated, fear mongering baloney. But a ton of wisdom.

It doesn’t get much simpler and profound than the Sermon on the Mount. It’s basically a 3-step process:

  1. Ask and it shall be given you
  2. Seek and ye shall find
  3. Knock and it shall be opened unto you

As for step 1, most of us don’t even know what to ask for (no, we don’t need to believe in an anthropomorphic deity to get this — what helps me is feeling that I’m asking my Higher Self, or my Oversoul as Waldo called it). When we know what to ask for, we can define our goal. Our aim. If we don’t have this, we wander aimlessly, which is never good.

As we move to step 2, it gets more involved, but it’s still fairly passive. Now that we’ve asked — now that we’ve defined our direction — we can set foot on seeking it. We’ve set a powerful intention through asking and now have faith that we will, eventually, find ourselves where we’re headed.

But step 3 is the big one. We’ve asked for it. We’ve found it. Now what?

Image by author, Jonas Ellison in Basel, CHF

We’ve sought... We’ve found...

Now we have to knock on the damn door.

We have to remove ass from sofa and create that website, set up that PayPal account, shoot that video, write that creed for our business, say the words we’ve been meaning to say to our loved one, pick up the iron bar and lift it repeatedly, begin our meditation routine, connect with our kid, give of our gifts freely and abundantly…

I’ll stop there. You can complete the list.

It’s the knocking that separates the dabblers and the doers. Until knuckle hits wood, not much will happen.

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