Seeing eye to eye with your higher self

Most of our troubles come from misalignment with our higher selves.

Let’s pretend for a second. It’ll be far more constructive than complaining, that’s for sure…

Let’s say this higher You is living a parallel life. Right now, he or she is doing the work you want to be doing, having the relationships you want to be having, making the money you want to be making, exuding the health you want to be exuding, and expressing itself creatively and emotionally in all the ways you want to be expressing.

Let’s pretend this ‘You’ was actually out there. And let’s say that you had the opportunity to call and invite him or her to lunch.

So you pick your favorite spot and arrange to meet…

As you go to meet Yourself, what are you feeling? Are you nervous? Embarrassed, perhaps?

And as you sit there chatting, do you feel any thoughts of inferiority or lack? Do you see yourself making up stories and excuses for why you’re not living the same life this higher version of Yourself is living? Would you peacock around him or her trying to puff up your ego in its presence?

Don’t focus on appearances in this imaginary meeting. Sure, this higher You might be driving your dream car, living in your dream house and spending money from your dream account balance (yep, they just bought lunch) — but that’s not where you should focus.

See how this higher You is carrying herself. Feel the vibration and energy of his presence as he sits before you. Get a sense of their confidence, joy, and enthusiasm. See the light behind their eyes.

Now, step out of conflict with this other You. After all, it’s YOU. You are it. It merely takes a healed belief — a mental shift — to step right in its shoes. Even if his or her ‘things’ don’t start showing up immediately, we must live its truth in the face of the lack of all that in order for it to start showing up.

This is where the work is.

Until we start thinking the thoughts and carrying the presence of the higher version of ourselves we yearn to express, we’ll keep on living a lesser experience.

We must be able to align and see eye to eye with the higher version of ourselves in order to start living its life.

The life of this higher version of us is here right now waiting to be lived, but it only shows up if we think thoughts, create beliefs, and carry ourselves in a manner equivalent with it.

Keeping on with the same habits, beliefs, fears, insecurities, and hangups we have now will only mean more of the same old lame in our experience.

When you can align with the Higher You, pretty soon you’ll be the one buying lunch.

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