Is it time to high-five it out with your life?

Sometimes it feels like we’re in an all-out cage match with our world. Like we resist everything that comes up and lose ourselves in the exchange of blows we initiate with life.

Oh yeah, life, well, take THAT. Like THAT, sucka?

It’s crazy. We go through our days with fists clenched and shoulders tight, ready to duke it out with whatever crosses our path.

But let me ask you this… How different would your life be if, right now, you were to make peace with your world?

If you were to physically put your hands up in the air, muster a smile on your face, and say something to the effect of, “Whoah, life, it’s all good. We’ve been battling it out for some time now and look where it’s gotten us. Well, heck, you seem fine, but me, I’m tired. My ribs hurt (that was a cheap shot yesterday). Whattdya say we hug it out and work together?”

Life is WAITING for you to make peace with it. Not so it can run victory laps AROUND you, but so that it can grab your damn hand and do victory laps WITH you.

It does us no good to slug it out with our lives. It’s one of the most counterproductive acts of ignorance we humans can do.

Life is like that big kid at the playground who, when you try to hit him, just grabs your head and his arms are so long that your fists catch nothing but air as he and all the girls stand and laugh at you while your face gets red and you get madder and…

Huh? Wait. I’m having a flashback. Sorry… Where was I?

Oh, yeah…

This is what life does to us when we try to fight it. It laughs as we do nothing but work ourselves up and embarrass ourselves.

Throw the gloves off, Rocky. Make peace with the made-up adversary of your world and start getting along.

Works way better that way.

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