Making room for inspiration

Being in-spired requires a state of receptivity. Of taking in.

Whether we’re reading a book, having an enlightened conversation, listening to a good song, or just going through our daily routine when that moment hits, inspiration is an act of receiving.

Creativity and productivity come from inspiration. From the stuff we take in, assimilate, and express in a new way.

But what happens when we leave no room for inspiration?

It’s the end of the month. Payroll-to-payroll or paycheck-to-paycheck, it’s still the same. Due dates loom. Auto withdraws and paperwork. Rents and mortgages. Bills and invoices.

No matter how you cut it, this time of the month can carry a certain kind of sting.

The ego starts rearing its ugly head. Doubts arise. Uncertainties start speaking up. Fear kicks down the front door, knocks the dishes off the table, pulls up a chair, and takes an unwelcome seat before unpacking his bags on your living room floor.

All of this can lead to an inordinate amount of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual clutter.

The ego is a hoarder.

It allows nothing new to make its way in. We’re up to our elbows in negativity and stress. So we get claustrophobic. And we become stifled.

It’s at times like these when we must take the time to… Dump the damn trash.

We must coldly lay waste and destroy any emotions, thoughts, or beliefs that aren’t useful to us.

Inspiration needs the space that expiration creates.

The out-breath is as important as the in-breath. They need each other.

It helps to take a deliberate mental inventory and toss as much extraneous nonsense out the window as you can.

If it’s a thought that isn’t serving you, it goes. No questions asked.

You should see my pile. I’m burning it tomorrow, so if you want to add anything to it, feel free.

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