You’re never off the path

Even in moments (or days, or years, or lifetimes) when you feel you’ve lost your footing, it’s okay.

This is still the path.

You haven’t gone off track (although it may feel like it). You’re just taking a different route than expected. One that may seem weird because it’s different than the one your neighbor is on.

Some days are perfect. You fly through mountain trails overlooking expansive valleys under the bluest of skies.

Eventually, you’ll deviate… The trees will start closing in on you. You’ll look around and you’ll feel disoriented. You’ll see no clear way out. And the sun will start setting.

If we’re aware enough, we can use our darkest moments to begin a new era of light.

When we’re aware of it (and eventually, we will be, even if life has to bring us to our knees first) we can use these moments as platforms to launch off of. These times when we stop and realize that we’re being our ugliest, rudest, most vile selves can turn into moments of greatness — moments of growth.

Because it’s during these moments that we realize we don’t ever want to be here again.

And even though we may not find our way out the first, second, third, or hundredth time, we know where we no longer want to stay. And each fall back into the darkness amplifies our urge to climb to greater heights. To not just bounce back, but bounce forward, and stay there.

If we’re aware enough, we’ll start listening to our internal guidance system — our emotions — more. We’ll start enjoying the path more, regardless the outer conditions. We’ll find exhilaration in even the smallest beams of light.

This is the path. It’s not always a flat, steady, perfectly illuminated one. But it’s always under our feet.

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