Be an advantage to yourself

You’ve heard it before…

We’re our own worst enemies.

Is this an old slogan picked up in childhood from adults and programmed into belief like so many other negative tenets we live by?

Is it a way our psychological structure is built?

I don’t know. But I’d rather choose otherwise.

I want to only be an advantage to myself.

As you well know, much of the richness of life is placed in being of service to others. AKA, being an advantage to others. You read my words because my writing is an advantage to you. It uplifts you, or makes you think differently, confirms your beliefs, challenges them, gives you something to make fun of, etc. — something that you believe is to your advantage. If not, you’d be reading something else.


It’s impossible to be an advantage to others if you’re not an advantage to yourself first.

Start treating yourself better. Talk to yourself like you deserve to be talked to. Take yourself on dates. Spend more time in places where others aren’t telling you what to do. Satisfy your intentions.

Be an advantage to yourself.

We have plenty of critics, haters, and downers. They’re probably lined up right now. Maybe they always will be.

But they fade away if you’re on your side. If you have your back, you’ll win. Every time.

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