The distorted reality of fear

At the base of every thought are root thoughts. Only two root thoughts exist:

  1. Fear
  2. Love

These drive everything we think, believe, and do… Everything.

Even though there’s two root thoughts, only one of them is real: Love.

The other one — fear — is a distortion of the human mind.

Let’s go deeper, shall we?…

Like we talked about yesterday, there are times that when we stop and look at our lives, it appears as if so much around us needs healing. We see so much damage. So much lack.

It scares us.

All of the emotions triggered during times of darkness — apathy, grief, lack, anger, etc. — all stem from the root thought of fear.

Fear and its minions — all the negative emotions above — are nothing but illusions. They’re not real (even though it sure as hell seems like they are in the moment).

Like a mirage in the desert (which is an optical phenomenon — not real) where we think we see a body of water in the distance, so we exhaust our energy even more running to drink from it, only to find it never gets closer, fear is the mortal act of seeing things as the human mind has distorted them, not as they are.

As A Course in Miracles repeats throughout its 1333 pages, healing fear is the act of turning to love. It goes on to say that the only thing that really needs to be healed is our perception.

Our mortal minds will believe any given illusion of fear is real until the sacred moment we realize… it’s not.

This is when we get our power back. When we stop chasing mirages and exhausting ourselves on unreality.

But here’s the thing… Healing can only be achieved through a leap of faith. Faith that the scary monster really isn’t under the bed. Faith that it isn’t actually water in the distance.

Fear is a distortion of the mortal mind.

Until our fears — our distorted perceptions — are healed, they’ll just keep on coming back. Scaring us. Triggering us.

This passage from the Bible scares the bejeezus out of me…

What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.

-Job 3:25; The Bible

This is frightening because it’s so true. I’ve lived it. Time and time again. You may have too.

But why?

I venture that it’s because a higher part of ourselves wants these fears to be healed due to the fact that it knows there’s a brighter, richer, fuller life once we get beyond them.

It will keep throwing these things at our face until we heal them, because it knows we can take it and we have the potential to live in a much bigger way.

When we can stand in the face of our fears and know that our undistorted reality is courage, acceptance, peace — LOVE — the obstacles disappear because they’ve been healed.

This is true healing — healed perception. We’ve corrected the distortion. We’ve turned from fear (distorted reality) to Love (reality).

This is where solutions rest. And it’s where miracles happen.

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