The responsive universe

Wanna know something? The universe loves when you talk to it. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Talk to it. Ask it questions. Tell it jokes.

I’m telling you — it eats that stuff up. I know because I’m weird and I have no friends. I talk to it all the time.

When I stop talking to it, it gets butt-hurt. Grumpy. Sassy. It starts trying to get my attention by throwing random stuff at me.

But when I start talking to it again, it calms down. And it responds to me in bizarre, awesome ways. Of course, it doesn’t talk back like another human (although it sometimes takes the form of another human talking back), but it definitely responds. You’ll see.

Oh, yeah. This is important…

The universe is responsive ‘in kind’.

So, if you start talking to it like it’s a big, hairy monster, it will respond IN KIND and ‘talk back’ that way.

I’ve found that the thing it loves the most is gratitude.

I know, the whole gratitude thing is way overplayed. But there’s a reason. It’s true. It loves to be thanked.

Don’t we all? I mean, seriously, do you enjoy giving stuff to people who don’t appreciate it? Who take it for granted and act entitled to your gifts? Exactly… The universe is no different.

If you want your life to start responding, start treating it like a cooperative partner rather than some big, ugly mountain you’re faced with climbing.

It’s interactive. Not static.

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