What’s your atmosphere?

We all have a mental atmosphere we carry around, whether we know it or not.

Some of us carry an atmosphere of strength, confidence, and charisma. Others carry one of lack, false ego, and insecurity. Sometimes, our atmosphere is somewhere in the middle, but it’s usually more one than the other.

This atmosphere permeates everything we do. It follows us wherever we go. Others can physically feel it. Ever walked into a room where two people have just finished arguing? Feels different than the room where two people were just doing yoga, meditating, or laughing, right?

Ever notice that when you’re around certain people, you’re automatically uplifted? But around others, you want to gag yourself with a spatula?

Looking at these two people side-by-side, they look like the same species. They’re just… people. But when we enter their sphere of influence, we realize they’re night and day.

This is what the law of attraction means to me. Not some strange, esoteric form of cosmic wish-granting. But a very real thing.

I can definitely say that I’d much rather be around one person than the other.

I know that more opportunities and like-minded people will gravitate to the one who carries the atmosphere of awesomeness, abundance, enthusiasm, and humanity as opposed to the other sad sucker sulking in his own self-limiting nonsense.

So check your atmosphere right now. What are you carrying around with you? Is it time to change the thermostat? Maybe open the windows? Dust a little? Or are you good?

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