I want to feel it.

The exuberance. The enthusiasm. The juice that is life. An unbridled focus on the present moment. The pneuma. The vital breath that animates.

Mind, soul, and body work together in perfect triune harmony — the words unfold before me as if from another Source.

I feel it now. It’s happening. The logic brain is shutting off. The artist brain has space to speak between the notes.

My fingers move along the keyboard. The fog in my brain lifts. The stresses of the world fall away. I am peace. Then, I am joy. Then, I am full, unbridled enthusiasm riding on a rocket through space.

I continue typing. Something in me wants to stop. What’s the point of this article? What are you writing ABOUT?

Shut up. Turn off. Keep. Going.

Words come out from behind the blinking cursor. The blank space fills with words.

This is the juice of life. It needs no justification. It needs no headline, tag, or category. No right answer.

It is a state, not a title. It is pure beingness.

Diving into the great unknown head-first. Leaving the world of logic and sense far behind and putting something down that has never been put down before. What’s going in the next paragraph?

Thoughts, images, sensations fill the screen of my consciousness. I dive in with a mission. To come out with something real. To emerge from the creative ooze with something I can hand to another human and connect with over.

The job of the creative is to filter the abstract it in a way that doesn’t silence or censor, but rather showcases and highlights. We’re messengers of the Divine. We bring moments of awe and bewilderment to our fellow travelers as a reminder of where we’re from and where we’ll return to. It makes this physical journey more bearable. More than that, it makes it sacred.

This is a worthy journey. This one called the human experience. If we let the creative in, it can be a work of art.

Or, we can just go back to the grind.

Up to us.