• Some things about me

    Hey, I'm Jonas. I'm a fiddler, a flahoolicker, a husband, a father, a friend, a foe, and a lot of other things that aren't relevant here.


    Vocationally speaking, I'm a writer. I've had a daily(ish) blog for the last 4-5 years over at Medium.com that started out as a personal creative project and somehow grew into one of the top spirituality publications on Medium. Now, 1400+ posts later, the blog has turned into a life purpose as I discern a path into Lutheran (ELCA) seminary to pursue my Masters of Divinity and a pastoral vocation.

    Recently, I've shifted my focus from my blog to my new private email newsletter, The Jonas Letters (which you can check out and subscribe to here).


    As for my subject matter, my main focus is to share my personal testimonies and confessions about radical grace and how it shows up in this fumbling, bumbling, flawed, broken, and beautiful human experience.


    Let's see here, what else?...


    I'm a long-time student and a teacher of contemplative spirituality, particularly that of the Christian alternative wisdom tradition.


    As someone who struggles daily with the complexities inherent in life and faith, the contemplative practice of centering prayer is my only saving grace - quite literally. (Trust me, I'm way too snarky, sarcastic, and self-conscious for this kind of thing, so if I can benefit from the practice of it, I know you can too.)


    All of this being said, I'm a terribly flawed human who's drunk on power and self-righteousness just like the next. As a 9w8 on the Enneagram, I'm the most passive-aggressive and emotionally conflicted person I know. I get it wrong most of the time and only stand a chance because of God's steadfast love, mercy, and grace that acts as the ground of human beingness.


    My wife and I live with our daughter and tiny dog in Chicago, IL where we drink way too much coffee and try to save the world from our home office.