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Hey, Jonas here…

So, ‘about me’, huh? Well, let’s see…

I’m a guy who blogs about things. My subject matter is... Me. And my life. I’m also the dad of a little girl, a working househusband to a lovely lady, and a midlife seminarian pursuing a Masters in Divinity and discerning my call to ministry in the Lutheran (ELCA) church.

I’ve been sharing musings and missives online for a long time now and have publicly logged 1500+ insufficient posts at the time of writing this here page. What started off as a daily creative outlet grew into an obsession and then a vocation. Eventually, my little blog grew into the top single-author publication on

Just some housekeeping before I get carried away…

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Okay, where was I? Oh, right - I was talking about myself…

It’s been interesting. When I look back to things I wrote even a few weeks ago (let alone a few years ago), I cringe. But then, blogging has also been one of the most enlivening things I’ve ever done. It’s connected me to tens of thousands of others and has laid the tracks for my vocation. I kinda don’t know how not to do it now, so I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

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The random stuff…

Now for the fun, irrelevant stuff…

First and foremost, if I’m going to be giving myself labels here, I may as well start with the obvious. I register as an INFP and a 9w1 on the enneagram, so I’m the most passive-aggressive and emotionally conflicted person I know.

I’m also a glutton for comfort. I blame it on my Danish roots, but count me in for flannels, strong coffee (not the newfangled stuff that tastes like raisin tea - I’d rather drink Folgers than that nonsense), open fires (anywhere on the spectrum from candle to bonfire will do), shoulder seasons (spring and fall), newgrass music (Chris Thile, Bella Fleck, Aoife O’Donovan, Sarah Jarosz, etc.), mountain lakes, tasteful architecture, cabin porn, well-written books, good poetry and short stories, soft lighting, paper notebooks, German beer, slow hikes, funny stories, and deep (but not too serious) conversations.

My wife and I live with our perfectly-behaved daughter, Rory, and our impeccably-trained terrier mutt, Dagny (okay, maybe I’m embellishing), in an apartment in Chicago where we drink too much coffee and try to save the world from our home office.

About the whole ‘Christian’ thing…

We should probably talk about this. Yes, I am a Christian (more on the specifics of this in a minute), but I’m not here to make you one:)

Faith plays a big role in my life. I’m currently attending seminary full-time (at age 40, wish me luck) in order to someday become a Lutheran pastor.

Content found here isn’t (and will never be) some form of ‘virtual church’ (an oxymoron, in my opinion). Rather, it’s my public liturgical journal and scrapbook of sorts that will follow me around even if I someday end up driving a garbage truck for a living (it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, so please don’t feel sorry for me if it happens).

For transparency sake, I want to add one thing… Because describing myself as a ‘Christian’ is kind of like describing what I drive as a ‘car’. Just as there are many types of cars, there are also many types of Christians (over 40,000 denominations in the US alone). So, to narrow my proverbial make and model of the Christian faith down, I’ll give you a super short gist:

I’m a Lutheran catholic (small ‘c’) and classify myself as a progressive-leaning orthodox traditionalist. I’m both spiritual/mystical AND religious/theological. I can’t believe I have to say this, but I fully affirm gay marriage and LGBTQ+ clergy. Our daughter is vaccinated, I believe in evolution and climate change and I’m a big fan of the scientific method. I’d love to see clerical leadership roles filled with women and people with all shades of skin color. That being said, I prefer old hymns and traditional liturgy to modern church warehouses and rock n’ roll praise music (but if that’s your thing - rock on).

I’m also a student and teacher of contemplative spirituality - particularly Christian mysticism. Without a mystical/contemplative foundation, I don’t know how anyone can swim in the waters of the paradoxical mindbogglery that is the Jesus tradition. Centering prayer is my go-to practice and though I’m squeamish and inconsistent at it, it’s my way of attempting to consciously commune with the ground of all being.

Disclaimers & Thanks

Please know that everything I share could very well be complete rubbish and is merely my way of seeing it at the moment I click ‘publish’. I am not a trained and monitored authority, merely a rogue layman with a platform and a strong opinion.

I post daily-ish (at least, more-daily-than-not) and have been doing it for almost four years. So, yes, there are definitely contradictions and discrepancies in my work.

Anyhow, I’ll stop now. You’re here and I think that’s awesome. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you care to follow my work more closely, jump on my email list below.