Your kid(s) and the Law (aka you)

When I was a kid, I hated school. Couldn’t stand it. All I could do at school was count the hours before the closing bell rang and I could go home. 

Rory, on the other hand, loves her school. Which is fantastic. But now she’s been at home for a week and will be for a few more weeks. A part of me feels jealous thinking about how much I would’ve loved being in her shoes when I was a kid. 

But in reality, I kinda feel bad for her. She’s had a lot of parent-time. In other words, she’s been hanging out with the law all day.

Yep... No matter how ‘cool’ parents are (and trust me, Alex and I are the coolest - just ask us and we’ll tell you), they represent law and order for their kid(s). No matter how ‘chill’ you are as a parent, your kids see you as an authority to be reckoned with (whether they actually listen to you or not is a different conversation).

We’ve been wearing poor Rory down lately. She’s outnumbered. Doesn’t even stand a chance. Lutheran Law/Gospel theology has taught me this dynamic and I see it so clearly now. 

While she’s home, I have all day to nitpick and correct her. But I have to give her ample slack these next few weeks and even that probably won’t be enough. I have to let things slide and be happy when we get through the day without too many blowups or damaged egos. There will be damage, no doubt. But I gotta exercise grace as much as possible.

It’s so hard, y’all... So hard. 

But it’s also really nice hanging out with her a bit more these days.

Grace & Godspeed,