You will never wash my feet

It’s Maundy Thursday, y’all. The night we recognize the final meal that Jesus shared with his disciples.

(Read John’s gospel account here.)

When he finished his meal, Jesus took his robe off and wrapped a towel around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and started washing the disciples’ feet.

Jesus embodies God as a servant. God meets us, not in glory, but on the grimy floor washing our aching, blistered, and dirty feet.

Picturing Jesus washing the feet of his wayward disciples is shocking. But what really stands out is the reaction of the disciples - especially Peter.

"You will never wash my feet," Peter says.

To which Jesus responds, “Unless I wash you, you have no share with me."

It’s easy for us to play the loving game. Just look at my Instagram page and you’ll see how loving I am. Read this blog and you’ll see how virtuous I am.

As well-meaning as it is, a lot of it is a farce. It’s a defense mechanism against the notion that I’m less loving than… them.

So, many of us can play the loving game just fine. Especially Christians, bless our hearts.

But when it comes to receiving love - as Pr. Nadia preached today - now THAT’S the challenge.

How dare you wash my feet, Lord?
No… No way.
I have to be the virtuous one here.
I have to be the one to flex their spiritual muscles.
Not you, God.

This is our posture as humans…

I can’t just have God wash my feet.
I have to earn it.
I have to deserve it.

But this, Jesus…
This is offensive.
Get off your damn knees, Lord.
I am the loving one here.

Oh, wait…
No, I’m not.
I’m the one with dirty and blistered feet.
Your offensive love overtakes my fragile will.
And I submit to each circular motion
of your cleansing hands.

This is how love is perpetuated.
I must accept it
Before I give it
And this, my God,
is what’s so difficult.

Unless I am washed by you,
I have nothing to offer.

Happy Maundy Thursday.

Grace & Godspeed,