You make me braver

We went sledding yesterday - New Year’s day. Our daughter, Rory, and her BFF, Jocelyn (yes, I’ve changed her name here) went on countless runs down this questionable slope that I wouldn’t dare to go down due to the fact that it would very likely compress my 41-year-old spine when I hit the bottom.

They were squeaking and laughing like little minions all day just like they always do when they get together. They’re soulmates, those two. I’m envious of their friendship.

At the end of the day, Jocelyn’s mom said something simple and subtle that I’ve been reflecting on over the last day...

“Rory makes Jocelyn braver.”

Hmm… Wasn’t expecting that. But it made me think…

We’re all in need of others to make us braver.

Sure, we could read a self-help book (or blog post like this one) and get a notch or two braver - at least it feels like we are for a brief while…

But there’s nothing like the companionship of another embodied human to move us into a presence bigger than the one we occupied before.

And yeah… Rory makes me braver too. Thanks be to God.

Grace + Godspeed,