You can let your guard down

Check the scenario…

You walk into a room full of people. Some you know. Some, you don’t know.

Immediately, several power dynamics are at play. You’re ultimately sizing everyone up. Are you portraying the right image? Have you dressed appropriately? Are you...

(Even if you’re not religious or a Christian this is what you do!)

And then, when you think about God, the brain has a hard time turning this inner posture off. God becomes that set of eyes peering at you from across the room, sizing you up. Soon, you’re playing these horribly toxic social games with the divine. 

But here’s the great news… You can totally stop. Yep. You can let down your guard with God.

It does no good.

God is not human (thank God). God looks right at your so-called failings and all God sees is the perfection of Christ. The Anointed One has imputed all of His perfect work onto you and all of creation, free of charge. Your record is wiped clean and will remain wiped clean forevermore. There is no fake social status to uphold with God. You can just be… 

In Christ.
A created and beloved child of God. 

Grace & Godspeed,