You are a result of pure joy

It’s accurate to say that God is love. But this is different from saying that God loves.

Love is not a characteristic of God. 
Love isn’t a thing that God does
because if love is something God does,
there has to be a time when God doesn’t love. 

If love were something that God did, God would need to muster up love somehow. God would need you to be a certain way in order for God to love you. 

But Jesus reveals God AS love. God AS light. God AS beauty. God AS truth. God AS joy. 

God is never NOT these things.
God IS these things.
God is the SOURCE of them.

God created you,
not because God needed you to do things for God. 
God created you out of utter freedom. 
Out of nothing. 
For the sheer excitement that you might enjoy being God’s creation.

This world was not created out of desperation and conditionality. God is a God who creates out of pure joy, fun, and levity.

God’s wish is that you might become overjoyed by this truth 
and enjoy living in God’s loving gaze.