Welcome to Table Talk: An announcement

I’ve really been enjoying writing, sharing, and interacting here via this new platform (Substack). Since moving my daily posts from Medium to here, I’ve felt way less pressure and have enjoyed the simple intimate nature of writing a short email to you every evening.

I’ve also enjoyed the audio posts I’ve done. And the community threads have been a huge hit. Never before have I felt this type of community with my readership. It’s like, after all of these years, I’m finally getting to know you (and a lot of you are getting to know each other). 

So, I’m leaning into this newsletter community and I’ve done a few things that I wanted to tell you about...

Grace Incarnate is still the name of my Medium publication. I’ll continue to curate and share longer sermon-y posts over there a few weeks after I post them here on this newsletter. But I’ve named this daily newsletter and community at Substack: Table Talk.

The name is inspired by my late theological hero, Martin Luther, and a book (of the same name) that contained many of his talks around the dinner table at his home. What I love about the entries in the book is the casual nature of them. The great, prolific teacher, preacher, reformer, and theologian is plopped down with a beer (or two) at the dinner table where he can relax and talk more freely, informally, and whimsically. 

This is the spirit I aim to employ on everything I do here in this newsletter. 

So, I’m leaning into this community and offering a paid subscription if you’d like to deepen into things more and support my work in a bigger way. Here’s how this will look...

Right now, you’re signed up for my free email list here at Table Talk. My short daily emails will forever remain free. It’s my gift to all who enjoy them.

However, here’s what you’ll get with a paid subscription...


Starting in Lent (late February 2020), I’ll be sitting down weekly with the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary and talking into a microphone (aka my free Apple earbuds). Some weeks might seem like a traditional homily while others will be more meandering and casual. Every so often, I’ll take questions from the community and we’ll see what else comes up. I’m really excited and thankful that Substack makes it so easy and enjoyable to do this. 

Another thing you’ll get with your paid subscription is continued access to the community posts where I’ll ask YOU questions and let you run with them in a group setting. Seeing so many perspectives on one topic in one place is such a powerful thing.

The more paid subscribers that join, the more I’ll be able to do in this space (because, ya know, more $$ = more time). That being said, if you’d like to further support my ministry and gain access to the weekly-ish podcast and discounts to my future events and courses/workshops, you can now do that by subscribing. 

Table Talk Subscription:
(Subscribe before midnight CST on 2/15 and get 20% off for one year.)

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HERE’S SOMETHING TO KNOW…I will always offer free or discounted subscriptions to anyone who wants to participate but is genuinely not financially able to - simply email jonas@jonasellison.com for either a 50% off code or a free subscription. Just include a sentence or three (or a few more) telling me your situation and we’ll get ‘er sorted. 

Also - unpaid subscribers will receive everything I put out there four months out of the year (December, April, July, and October). I’ll try to send a little extra love to unpaid folks now and then to keep everybody in on what’s happening.

I hope my words bring to your world tenfold the value of your paid subscription. I’m beyond thankful for you being on the other end of this email and I look forward to serving you well into the future. This is my ministry.

Grace & Godspeed,

Get 20% off for 1 year

P.S. If you happen to be a Patron of mine at the $7+/month level (and you missed my earlier email that I sent you), this paid subscription is one of your free perks:)