We Need A Place To Fall Down

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The ‘nones’ say they don’t need religion to (I’ll quote) “live a good life.”

I agree with them
They’re right. 
(In fact, I was one of them. For a long time.)

I don’t know if church should (or was intended to) be a place to learn how to live our best lives. 

Rather than a place to strive for betterment, I’d say that church better serves its divine purpose as a place for broken and hurting people to fall down without losing their sense of self-worth. 

I say that church should be a sanctuary to safely trust-fall back into God’s grace along with a communion of sinner-saints, not a spiritual/moral/social/political gym. 

We have a lot of metaphorical and literal gyms in our world. The gym (of course) is a gym. The yoga studio is a gym. The workplace is a gym. Social media is a gym. And a lot of churches are gyms. It’s all about striving to get better and better and better. There is no room for falling down. 

We need a place to fall down.
Now, more than ever. 

Grace & Godspeed,