Trump Is the Most Biblical President That I Can Remember

Not the most Christian; but the most biblical, for sure

One thing about Donald Trump is that he’s way more of a Biblical president than any other president in my memory…

I’m not saying here what many fundamentalist conservative Christians say about him. I’m not saying that he’s the most God-inspired president. Or the most Christian president (God, no…). I’m not justifying anything he’s personally said or done (or not said/done) in the way that he would want to read in the press.

But I do know that, in the Good Book, God doesn’t do much through boring, “good” leaders. You don’t see any narratives that say, “[Leader X] came along, lived an honest life, didn’t make any mistakes, and lead everyone to prosperity. The end.”

God works through severely messed up people — particularly messed up leaders — more than anyone else. Scandal is the norm with biblical leaders.

Right now, Joe Biden seems like a boring, “good” leader. I’m so refreshed by this and I soooo welcome it. Though, even he, I promise you, is severely flawed and broken in many ways. His shortcomings and losses have already been revealed and there’s more to come, I’m sure. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re not there yet.

Trump is the most glaringly flawed president I can remember. He’s a train wreck of a person. A boastful, prideful, dishonest, unfaithful man.

And here’s the good news…

God doesn’t wait for a president — or anyone — to become perfect to start using them.

If God did, God would be waiting… Forever. This is because, in reality, the only thing God has to work with are imperfect people. The problem with Trump is that he doesn’t think he’s flawed. He thinks he’s a good guy. The best, really. Like, the greatest.

The Bible is full of flawed characters like Donald Trump. They have zero ounces of integrity. They’re morally, socially, and spiritually bankrupt.

Yet out of the rubble of flawed humans, God creates incredible things. After all, Jesus is a product of rape, prostitution, and incest. Go back to Genesis and read the back-story of the Davidic line. It’s all there.

God plays the long game. I think that God is working through his presidency in SO many ways that we won’t know for many years.

For a start, I’d say that he’s brought on an apocalypse.

Now, keep in mind that when I say ‘apocalypse’, I don’t mean that he’s bringing an end to civilization (though he has come pretty close). The meaning of ‘apocalypse’ is ‘revealing’. Our current president has revealed much in our world.

Donald Trump has been the most biblical president I’ve ever known.But I’m ready for boring.
Even if the new guy has to fake it for a while.