True Sonship

For the longest time, I took issue with one of the most fundamental parts of the Christian Creed - 

And in one Lord Jesus Christ,
the only Son of God,

I mean, that’s a biggie. If you can’t get on board with THAT one, you’re kinda in trouble as far as the Christian faith is concerned, no?

Here’s where my thoughts always went:

So, Jesus of Nazareth - this one being - is the ONLY Son of God?! Like, what about all the millions of people before and after Jesus was born? Are they chop liver? 

But here’s what I learned (take it for what it’s worth)… 

Jesus is the only one who truly lived as a son to God, the Father, instead of trying to be a father/god himself (the meaning of sin). 

Jesus kept the father/son relationship intact unlike any other. He never got the roles reversed. He emptied himself (nerdy theological term: kenosis) through his life and death. And the Father filled him with God-ness. He even brought him back to life.

Jesus is never his own autonomous being. He continually receives his beingness from God. You and I might slip in and out of this state, at best (though, I suppose I should speak for myself). 

One who lives in the light of this faith has a radically altered sense of identity. They take on an ecstatic identity and live as one who is constantly receiving from their divine source. 

This is the death to sin that Romans 6 talks about. In Christ, the old self-centered ego is killed. God resurrects a new Self in its place. We receive creation back again as a sheer gift. 

For that, we can only give our thanks and praise. 

As Ever,