Welcome to Bedford Falls...

I’ve been slacking on my holiday movie list this year. I’ve gotten to a few, but not as many as I would’ve liked. The one I’m NOT skipping this year is It’s A Wonderful Life. I’m watching it as I write this post. 

I mean seriously, if you don’t get a spiritual high off of that happy closing scene when Mary pulls through and the whole town comes to George’s aid, methinks you might want to check your pulse. 

Not many movies - ever - have captured the element of grace in the midst of the human struggle as well as this movie.

I can so relate to George Bailey... We have these grand visions of what our lives will look like, especially when we’re younger. We want to live large and make our family and friends proud. But then one thing leads to another. We get bogged down working for Pop at the Building and Loan in Bedford Falls, going blow for blow with old man Potter, and doing what we can to make a living and fix up that drafty old house of ours. Or some version of this, of course... 

Life can be a heavy yoke when, like Bailey, we think it all rests on our shoulders. Pushing that boulder uphill gets really old really quick. It can lead us to the breaking point, in fact.

Hopefully, if it does, we’re as fortunate as Bailey to have an angel come and intervene to show us that life is far bigger than we’d ever dreamed. Maybe then we’d see that there are way more moving parts than we thought and that our lives matter to more people than we could ever imagine. 

Grace & Godspeed,