This sacred moment

These days, it’s easy to hunker down and hold out for a future day that this ‘curse’ washes over us and things return to ‘normal’ before we resume life.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like someone pressed the cosmic pause button on life. And now, my job is to wait for ‘them’ (whoever ‘they’ are) to tell me to go back to it.

Two things…

First of all,
whatever ‘normal’ looked like
a few months ago
will not be normal
from this day forward.

So, how do we live
into this new (ab)normal?

First of all,
know that the very ground
that you stand/sit on
at this very moment
is God’s raw material.

Holy ground is here and now.
Charged with pure potential

No, I can’t go to the gym
or to the museum.
No, I can’t give you a hug right now
(raincheck, please).

But God is active in this physical world
under our feet
right this very moment.

Our holy privilege is to tend to it
to love it
to bless it
to revel in it
in the (perhaps little) ways that we can
and as best as we can
right now.

This is holy ground
infused by spirit.

Yes, there are things
that have been (rightly) paused
(and that pausing is saving lives)

but God has not been paused.

God pulses through your veins,
your eyes, your breath, your voice,
and your hands

This is God’s moment
in, through, as, and for you
(and for all people).

May you embrace this moment,
exercise your God-given gifts,
and love and serve the world

You are loved.
You are needed.

Grace + Godspeed,