Theosis and the divine garment

Yesterday, I wrote about the concept of Christ being something we can ‘put on’ like an ontological hat or garment of sorts. And I still stand by the concept except for one distinction that I may have mistaken.

I don’t know if this mind of Christ is something we can just reach over and slip on like a supernatural superhero suit. I think that puts too much of an onus on the individual. Ever try deciding to not be in a bad mood? Or to stop a case of the giggles? Pretty much impossible…

If it were that easy, methinks the world would be a far more harmonious place. But it’s not. This world - and our individual lives alone - can be quite messy and broken.

I think it’s better to see this mind of Christ as something that God puts on us when we reach the end of ourselves.

God is like those bad guys in the movies driving the white unmarked van who swoop in when you’re walking across the empty parking lot at night, put you in the back, and throw a big sack over your head so you can’t see.

In this case, your vision is supplanted with the vision of Christ. This is the theosis that the Eastern church emphasizes so beautifully.

May you and I both surrender the futile act of swapping out our various egoic masks so that we can allow God to put on the only one that’s real in Christ…

Grace & Godspeed,