The tyranny of legalistic morality without forgiveness and redemption

Before I share this quote, I want to make a distinction…

It seems that the political right has co-opted the term “cancel culture”. In other words, when you speak against cancel culture, you can easily be taken as a right-winger.

Which is odd. Because President Donald cancels his opponents just as voraciously as any left-wing Twitter influencer.

The political right is just as guilty of cancel culture as the political left.

(The gospel, properly proclaimed, levels and unites the left and right. Which is pretty great. Anyhow…)

Okay, now that I’ve made the distinction, here’s the quote that I wanted to share from Anglican priest (and one of my newest favorite thinkers and preachers), Giles Fraser…

The new, highly secular ‘cancel culture’ represents an extreme form of righteousness that has all the moral power of a certain kind of protestant Christianity, but none of the basic scaffolding of redemption on which such Christianity is built. And morality without forgiveness or redemption is a frightening, persecutory business. 

For the rest of the article, you can give it a read here (warning: homeboy is British and uses Brit-speak with reckless abandon).

Oh, and even though during these pandemical times, the days, weeks, and months seem to blur together… Happy Friday.

Grace + Godspeed,