The only true end of the law

Today’s culture tells us that God is not - cannot be - a wrathful God. Many modern philosophers and theologians have taken a big eraser and tried to erase this wrath - this law - from their words and the words of scripture.  

But the thing is, an eraser can’t erase what God wants for us. Not talking about the accuser within doesn’t make its nagging voice go away. Only Christ can do that.

The law is real.
Wrath is real.
The accuser within…
Is real. 

These things are stronger than ever because we’ve ignored them for so long. The hamster wheel of our modern culture doesn’t turn much faster. Our performancism is at a fever pitch. We need to know how much we need the gospel of Christ to bring an end to the wheel-spinning self so that a new creaturely being is raised that rests in God. 

In Christ, it is finished. And we can rest. 


Grace + Godspeed,