The omnipresent digital mirror

A friend of mine shared an article on Facebook today. It was one of those articles you care to not see about some bad things that happened to a younger person.

“What have we become?” was his comment. I found myself shaking my head along with him. But here’s the thing…

I don’t know if it’s what we’re becoming but rather what we’ve always been.

I see the internet as a giant omnipresent digital mirror. Since its inception, it’s been showing us a lot (!) about humanity. Like those magnified mirrors equipped with bright halogen lights that reveal all the blemishes, knicks, moles, freckles, scars, and discolorment in our faces - we’re seeing more than we were meant to ever see in normal daylight.

Terrifying, yes. But I also think that it’s becoming more and more obvious that we need something bigger than ourselves on a regular basis. Humans are great and all, but, damn…

I’m convinced that there are nefarious forces at work in the human condition that we cannot save ourselves from. I believe the individual human will is far more bound than we think.

We need you, God.
We need you.
Help us receive your healing light.


Grace & Godspeed,