The existential purification rite of hell

An issue with our western interpretation of the Bible is how we hold the metaphor of fire. I mean, I’m kind of a pyromaniac. There’s nothing like an open fire for me, from a candle flicker to a raging bonfire. If the fire is contained and voluntary, I’m good.

But in its overall metaphorical sense, I’m terrified of fire. Because when I start thinking about fire, I start thinking about hell. And getting burned. Like, forever.

Hellfire sounds bad. It sounds like something we need to avoid. But throughout the Bible, fire acts as a purifying agent. As something that cleanses and forges.

Which makes me think…

Maybe going through hell is part of the process. Maybe it’s actually an existential purification rite of sorts. Perhaps it’s something the soul must endure - a catalyst that leads to new life. 

After all, it is written that Jesus descended to hell before heading up to the right hand of God.

Just some thoughts…

Grace & Godspeed,