The eternal cosmic refresh button

True freedom isn’t having a mistake-free life. Having a mistake-free life means living in a state of illusory denial. It requires a lot of work that always falls short when that certain someone (you know who this is for you) comes around and points out how you’ve messed it all up. Or when you actually do something that blatantly reveals that you’ve messed it all up. Or when you even just have a hunch that you’ve messed it all up. In short, none of us escape the inner accuser…

True freedom is knowing that your mistakes have been absorbed and canceled out in the eyes of God by an ever-loving eternal intercessor.

True freedom is being able to admit your foibles without fear that they resemble your core identity because your core identity rests in Christ. When this is the case, we can freely confess our mistakes knowing that every single one of them has been lifted off of our shoulders. In every moment, the cosmic refresh button has been pushed on our behalf and we’re free to give it another try knowing that we’ll probably mess it up again but at least our hearts will be softened and renewed while we’re at it.

Grace & Godspeed,