The American Dream (or the American Nightmare)?

You’ve probably heard this before (in both direct words as well as actions of others along your journey)…

“Hard work will pay off. Whether you succeed or fail is entirely up to you.”

This is the underlying American proverb.

So let me ask you…

When you read this proverb, how does it strike you?

As a dream?
Or as a nightmare?

I’d say that far too many people resonate with the latter response. Even those of us who think we’ve reached the former have at least been injured by it at the soul-level.


If you’re in the group that sees the American dream as the American nightmare, don’t fret.

There’s more freedom in that revelation than we even know. For it’s only when we wake up during the nightmare and realize what it is that we can rest peacefully.  And maybe even fall into a good dream.

Grace + Godspeed,