Spiritually-inclined people, keep moving

This is not an ontological exhortation. You are forever loved by the divine ground of being no matter what, and that’s final. This is merely a suggestion to those of us who like to read/contemplate spiritual/theological things…

You don’t have to obsessively physically exert yourself. You don’t have to emphatically go to the gym, take up ultrarunning, or continually flip large tires over with people. You don’t HAVE to do anything. Just remember…

Christ came to us in a body, not in an idea. 

It pays to get out of our heads once in a while and move these bodies of ours. I know that if we had our druthers, we’d be face-in-book and/or butt-in-cushion for as long as humanly possible. But we are incarnate for a short while. May we appreciate the gifts of embodiment while we can - as limited and imprisoning as they can seem to be at times.

Grace & Godspeed,