September Q&A

Hey All,

Since I’m in Q&A mode, I wanted to offer this community thread to anyone who didn’t get a chance to submit their questions or comments last week. I won’t be able to get it into my video Q&A (since I’m already in the editing phase), but I’ll do my best to respond in writing here.

What’s great about these threads is that anyone can respond here, not just me. I hope this can spark some holy conversations.

Now, a couple of disclaimers…

First of all, we’re all adults (or close enough). Please proceed as if we were in the physical presence of each other, say, around a table. A little friction or differences of opinion are great (they’re what make it interesting). But please... This is not Facebook or Twitter. I hope this space can be held as more holy digital ground than that. You know what I mean:) And yes, I reserve the right to delete or block anyone who is - well - being an asshole.

Finally, know that I’m not an advice-giver and do not have the training or mental/emotional capacity to address personal trauma.

Okay, there you have it… I hope to see some holy chatter here and look forward to addressing your questions and comments. Just hit the brown button below to get to the conversation.

Grace + Godspeed,